3 Crucial Elements of Being a Change Agent

As I have voraciously read books on “change”, and have had many conversations on the topic,  these are three big takeaways that I always try to focus on.

  1. Show and model change in yourself.  It is easy to tell people to move forward, but it is hard, and more important work, to say, “let’s grow together”.
  2. Relationships are the foundation of moving forward. If people don’t feel that their strengths are valued, they feel you are trying to fix them. No one wants to feel they need to be “fixed”.  On the other side of the spectrum, if people know that they are valued and that you are there to help them get better, they are way more open to moving forward.
  3. Start the journey from where people are, not where you want them to go.  Too often the jump to some extraordinary vision is too overwhelming to many people, but smaller steps from where people are to help them move people forward, will help them build confidence and competence along the way. Help move individuals from their point “A” to their point “B”

As I continue my own learning, what I also know is that there is so much I don’t know.  Not every one of the ideas helps every person.  And not all change is good.  It has to be meaningful or it is change for the sake of change, and could cause more issues than solve.  I also know that as soon as someone says they have all the answers, they are already falling behind.  We can all get better.

Source: George Couros