“One” Is Not Enough

Before you tweet this quote (because many people will), I just want you to take a hard look at it:

“Every child needs at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about him or her.” Urie Bronfenbrenner

I want to think about some of the math…

How many years does a child spend in school?

How many adults do they interact with?

Based on whatever numbers you come up with for the above, do we really think that “one”, or even five, is enough?

Me neither.

This is why I talk about the idea of “school teacher” vs. “classroom teacher” often.  In my belief, “classroom teachers” know their content amazingly well and are great with their current group of students.  But once they step outside of their classroom, the students they do not teach are “not their problem”. “School teachers” on the other hand, can do all of those things that classroom teachers do within their own classrooms and subject matter, but when they walk out of their room, every child in the school is their child. 

If you see a child walking down a hallway and you do not acknowledge them, that is an opportunity missed.  An opportunity that could have made all of the difference in that moment, that day, sometimes even life.

Always err on the side of positive. Kids need more than a “few” teachers that make them feel they think the world of them.

Source: George Couros