What are the expectations for your classroom?

I saw this visual from Amy Fast, being shared all over social media:

Now I might challenge the term “rules” because this is more of a compelling vision of a classroom, which I think is so much more powerful and inspiring for our students.  For “rules”, simply using the idea of respecting yourself, others, and our environment, kind of covers everything in my opinion.

But this image shared by Amy is not only inspiring, but it puts the onus on the “learner” in the room; not just the student but the teacher as well.  It is compelling yet challenging. And it focuses on the learner, not necessarily the teacher (although the teacher is a learner as well).

I just wanted to share this because it is not something that I normally have seen in classrooms, but hope variations of this start to happen.  This image reminds me that school should be both a challenging and inspiring place to be, which is often how the best learning happens.

Source: George Couros