What’s your compelling reason?

Although this commercial is a few years old, and it is a scotch commercial, it is a beautiful story. Seriously, take the time to watch it.

If you watched this, you might be crying. Over a scotch commercial.

When I show this to educators, I always remind them, that if you would cry over a scotch commercial, imagine what people would feel if we shared the stories that educators see daily in their schools.

Another takeaway from the video is quite powerful to me. The dad, learning to read, so he can read his son’s book, reminds me of my parents and their determination to grow throughout their lives. My mom’s first language is Greek, and she learned to read English later in her life, but I bet she has read my book more than anyone.

What this video reminds me of, is that when you have a compelling reason, you can learn anything.

When you find your own inspiration to learn, it is often that we help our students do the same.

Source: George Couros