3 Quotes on Becoming Successful

Where I seem to really decompress and clear my mind is through running in a new city.  I love to explore where I am and listen to motivational playlists that provide me inspiration to push harder.  This playlist was quite powerful and there were some quotes that really stuck out to me.  Here are a few that I loved and put the idea of “success” into perspective.

If you have never heard of Inky Johnson (I hadn’t heard of him until this morning), take time to watch this video. Overcoming so much adversity in his life, multiple times, he is an inspiring story of how important the process is, not simply the product that you have in your life. I alternated time between being amazingly inspired and crying on the trail this morning.

If you want something, you have to first ask yourself, are you willing to put in the time to make it happen? Are you willing to work extremely hard and not get it?  By listening to Inky, it reminded me that by developing a certain work ethic, you may not get exactly what you want, but you do become so much better through the process.

I was truly blessed to grow up with a group of friends that not only supported me, but pushed me to be better, and I am still connected with many of them to this day.  I am very thoughtful of who I have close to me in my life, as I do want to surround with myself with people who do things that continuously make them better.  These are not people who seek perfection, but constant progress.  By being around those who push themselves, you have no other option but to do the same.


Running in the morning, sitting in this Starbucks right now, reading a book that pushes my thinking, are all investments in myself to become better in service to others. A lot of people make comments about how they have no time to “workout” or “blog” or whatever, but when you stop investing in yourself, the people that you are around get a lesser version of yourself.  There is a difference between finding time and making time. You make time because it is priority, but finding time is accidental. You don’t accidentally become better at things. It is only through hard work, consistently over time, that you grow.  Invest in yourself.

What I have learned over time is that “success” is truly a personal thing. What one person considers to be a “success” can be something totally different for someone else.  But what it takes to be successful, no matter, the definition, seems to be quite universal.  Work ethic, the people who surround you, and the investment you make into yourself, are all commitments that seem to be crucial, no matter your goals.

Source: George Couros