Finding Inspiration in Yourself

Blank screen…

Cursor blinking and my mind feels frozen.

I have committed myself to trying to blog three times a week but on some weeks, it is harder than others.  My energy levels are low and my inspiration levels lower.

But when you commit to something that has a public audience, the accountability level doesn’t change, no matter how low the energy level.

My hope through my work is that I not only push thinking but to also inspire action.  Yet what is hard is that when you spend energy levels trying to inspire others to action, when you can’t find ways to inspire yourself.

In a conversation with someone I admire greatly, I talked about how we often look to others for inspiration, but we so rarely look to ourselves for that same inspiration.  What can sometimes become our “routine”, could be something insanely hard for others.  When some days are harder than others, getting up and doing your job is sometimes a courageous act. We are so often willing to pat others on the back for great their own great actions but will be hard on ourselves even when meeting our own expectations but still not seeing it as enough.

I am not against having high expectations for one’s self, but as humans, we have a hard time just stopping and realizing that we have made our own strides and growth.  But the more we beat ourselves up, the more we can feel beaten down. No one is perfect, but we also have to take the time to appreciate our own development.

Take a breath and think about where you are today, and then think about where you have come from.  It would be easy to think about the negatives, but try to focus on things that you have overcome and that right now, and find growth.

Perhaps it is with work. Maybe with family.  Maybe could be something in an outside interest.  It might not even be something “new”, but something that you have done that is consistent. Sticking with something is often harder than attempting something new.

As I write this, I realize this is not really written for anyone other than myself.

But I know so many others who have felt this way and wanted to share that I have been and am on that journey myself.  Recognizing when we have those down moments in our life then allows us to pick a direction to move.  I am looking to find the inspiration in myself before I start looking to get that from others.

Screen is no longer blank…and to me, for today, that says something.

Source: George Couros

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