“True literacy is always a two-way transaction.”


“True literacy is always a two-way transaction. We don’t just consume; we produce. We don’t just read; we write. The ability to receive information is always the first part of the literacy equation that is necessary for the masses, and then the ability to express information generally follows, as we strive to quench our desire to communicate. The root of communicate is to commune.” (Stephen Apkon and Martin Scorsese)

To this day, many schools still block YouTube from students. Admittedly, not as many as five years ago, but still many do.

My concern is not only that if you do this in schools that students aren’t able to learn to access important information, but the likelihood of them sharing and creating information goes down exponentially.

When we see literacy about more than reading and writing, meaningful consumption and creation of media in different elements should be a norm while continuously evolving.

I always ask education audience these two questions;

How many of you know who Sir Ken Robinson is? (Majority of hands go up.)

How many of you knew of him from his book before his video? (Majority of hands go down.)

It is crucial we empower our students to not only hear others, but share their voice in meaningful ways as well in mediums that are more the norm than we seem willing to admit.

Source: George Couros