Red Tape

Red tape.

Does your job create it or get rid of it?

More importantly, do you create it for others in your job, or do you help get rid of it for those you serve?

Teaching is an insanely tough profession, and to be successful, people in positions that support educators (administrators, support staff, anyone in that staff) have to focus on removing barriers, not creating obstacles.

I am always amazed working with districts on how some of them put up so much red tape, while others make things happen quickly.  Creating red tape does not justify your job; removing it does.

Principal Brad Gustafson has a program for “1 Sentence Grants” in his school. You want to move forward with something, one sentence will get you there. Trust your people.

If you think tons of red tape is necessary, ask another school or district if they have the same process. If it seems much simpler than yours, ask them how they got there, and get there.

“If you tend to micromanage, stop now.” Eric Sheninger

The more you micromanage, the less likely people will aim to be great.  Working with kids and adults all day is exhausting, and if there is a bunch of red tape to deal with it at the end of the day, people will not even bother trying.

I  have traveled a lot, and I’ve never seen an innovative school or district that’s full of red tape.

Get rid of as much as you can so your people can move forward.

Red tape.

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Source: George Couros