What could go right?


I was blessed and honoured to be the keynote for #CUE17. It was one of the best experiences of my professional career.

Here is a short snippet from my talk, and one of my favourite stories to share:

My favourite part of sharing this story is that it was students who taught me the power of the positive because I gave them the power to do so.

One of my favourite quotes is from educator Shelley Wright:

“But kids often defy expectations if we give them the opportunity.”

Yet do our fears, and sometimes lack of knowledge, hold our students back from their aspirations?

How often do we shut things down based on “what could go wrong?” How often do we focus on what is possible and what could go right?

How often do we change our pathways because of negative people? I am not talking about those that are critical thinkers, but are simply critics.

I recently tweeted this:

We will need to challenge one another in education if we want to get better, but we also need to create a culture where we need to know we have each other’s backs. I appreciate that students taught me this lesson, and it is one that I remind myself of daily.

Source: George Couros