Dreams to Norms

As the world moves forward, are schools standing still- At best, are we doing school plus digital, or have we totally rethought school- (1)

Just thinking…

My daughter just turned 7 months old. Watching her grow up has been fascinating, and when I FaceTime her on the road, she reaches out now, trying to touch my face. It melts me every single time.

As I was looking at her, I was overcome with the idea of how when I was a kid, I could only dream of a day that we had “video phones”; she will never know anything different.  Isn’t that a powerful thought?

In fact, the things she dreams about one day, will not be her reality as a child, but her norm as an adult.

Yet, when we look at the experience of school, will her reality in kindergarten be the same as mine, with just more “digital” thrown into the mix?

I loved school. My Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Stock, was amazing, and she could be reading this right now, as we have stayed connected on Facebook.  I still remember moments from class and that she taught me how to do “bunny ears” to tie my laces (which I still use!), and I still think of her impact on me often.   There was so much from my experience of school that I hope continues with my daughter.  That she will adore many of her teachers as I did (and still do).  But I also do not want school to be exactly the same for her as it was for me. I want it to be so much better.  Isn’t that the drive for every parent? That their kids have it better than the do.

I am happy that my dreams have become her reality (although I will do my best to raise her not to be spoiled by any of this).  I just want to make sure that this is both in and out of school.

My hopes and dreams for my daughter are the same as my parents were for me.  Same, yet different, but ultimately, better.

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Source: George Couros