Stuck in a Rut or a Groove?

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I noticed this commercial (which is rare since I never watch commercials) from Chick-fil-A, which had a gentleman standing in a hole, and his colleague comments about him being “stuck in a rut”, to which he is oblivious. When he comments that he “thought it was a groove”, she states, “classic ‘rut’ thinking”.

It is pretty rare that a fast food restaurant gets me thinking about education, but this commercial really got me thinking.  How often do we as educators think we are on a right path when in reality, we are just doing what we have always done and are not moving forward?


I know I talk about social media quite a bit, but I believe there are many educators were exposed to their own “ruts”, thinking they were in a groove.  They noticed what others were doing in the same positions and thought, “Why am  I not doing that? What is holding me back?”

When we have access to see what others are doing, it pushes us to become better.  The traditional isolation of education is being challenged, and it changing the way we see education.

One of my favourite quotes is, “To innovate, disrupt your routine.”  Sometimes we need that “shock” to our learning to make us wonder why we do, what we do. We need to sometimes provide that disruption for others (students and colleagues), yet, do we do that to and for ourselves?

In a groove or stuck in a rut- The two can feel very similar to one another, yet the journey is quite different.

Source: George Couros

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    Really strange as a concept. I will think about

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