Find problems, create solutions.

I am taking part in the #IMMOOC “3 Blog Challenge” this week.  3 blog posts under 200 words.  If you are interested in participating, details can be found here.

I asked the following on Twitter:

The responses were amazing and had such a wide range of answers (seriously…click on the tweet and see what educators are saying…it is fascinating).

As I was thinking about the responses here, I thought about this process with a staff. I have neither been a part of a professional learning day where this was asked, nor did I pose it in my role. Opportunity missed, because the conversation would be so valuable.

So an idea for a staff day…

Have groups discuss the same question (what are some ideas or practices we need to rethink in education?), and then think of a consensus three to bring to a larger group.  Then pose “ways forward”, and what is possible now to make these realities.

Two things here…

This creates time for “problem finding” and “problem solving”, not one or the other.

The other point is that it shows people that we can create the change we want, and that we do not have to wait for someone else to do it for us.

As I have always said, the biggest barrier to innovation is often our own thinking, not any outside factor. Find problems, create solutions. No one is going to do it for us.


Source: George Couros