2017 Learning Resolutions #EDU2017

Over the break, I have been playing with creating videos, and want to spend more time doing this in 2017. I have been watching different “YouTubers” to understand not only how they make the videos, but what makes them appealing to others as well.  It is something I am interested in exploring deeper as well in 2017.

That being said, I wanted to share this “Learning Resolution” with others as well, so I tweeted the following:

I encourage others to share a video of themselves to Twitter (or elsewhere) using the hashtag #EDU2017, to hopefully not only create some accountability to what they want to learn this year, but also inspire others to commit to learning something new themselves.

Here are a couple that have already been posted by others:

Please feel free to share yours as well and share a link in the comments below. I look forward to seeing what others share and inspire.


Source: George Couros