“A Blessed Unrest”

In my opinion, Bruno Mars was one of the most memorable Super Bowl half time shows I have ever seen. I have seen him in concert, and he is an amazing entertainer. When I recently saw this video being shared on Facebook, I had to share it myself.

A couple of things that stuck out to me.

First of all, not only remembering where you come from, but also celebrating it. Listening to Bruno Mars talk about his humble upbringing was quite powerful, especially in how he talked about how important it was that they (his family) had “each other”. It really was a powerful statement.

The second part that stuck out to me was his drive. As someone who is extremely talented, he knows that this talent is developed, and that he can still grow. This insatiable drive to become better is something that I have noticed the most successful people have. Success is measured in many different ways, but the qualities to become successful in any endeavour, are very similar.

This poem (Blessed Unrest) was shared with me recently, and this part stuck out to me:


To become better, we have to have an insatiable drive to so, and the work ethic to match.


Source: George Couros

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