3 Words: Personalize, Blend, Balance

In today’s era of lifelong learning, we can and do learn anywhere, anytime and with anyone.  Ideas such as 24/7, JIT and learning now all imply how learning is open, personal and social.   More than ever, today’s professional development (our learning) must be ongoing and is integral to continually improving our practice which has a  direct impact on the engagement and learning of our students and staff.   Today’s PD must be about customization, responsiveness, collaboration and most importantly,  learning must be practiced in a job-embedded way.

Three words continue to surface for me as I connect with staff and discuss how we learn as professionals today. Developing  as a professional is best when it is personalized, blended and balanced.

From these threes ideas, professionals develop holistically:

  • personalized learning  is contextual, self-directed, reflective and meaningful to you and your work
  • blended  formal and informal learning differentiates  the ways, the  tools and the learning spaces; combining job-embedded learning with face-to-face and online
  • balanced learning involves the self and others; alone, 1:1, group, PLNs, critical friends and mentors

Think about PD as a  ILP – individualized learning plan.  Yes, you can be a free agent learner and take charge of your own learning.  Mix up how you learn everyday.