How Our Conversations in Education Should Begin #LeadMoment


I wanted to play around with the medium of YouTube and see how I can use it to share ideas in meaningful ways.  I have started watching more YouTube channels, from all different areas, and now I am starting to study them. Why do people watch them? What makes them appealing? How do we connect messages in meaningful ways?

My goal is to share 1-2 YouTube videos in episodes called, #LeadMoment. Short leadership anecdotes and stories, between 1-3 minutes in length.

The first episode is focused on how we start our conversations in leadership. No matter your position, we need to focus on who we serve, and work backwards from there.  With this vision starting at the beginning, is it easier to actually bring people together, while making us thinking deeply about is the change actually better than what we have been doing before. It is not innovation, if it is not better; it is simply change for the sake of change.

Here is the first episode. Would love your thoughts on the content as well as the delivery.

Source: George Couros

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  1. I like the point about not doing what’s new simply because it’s new, but to evaluate ideas based on what’s best for the learners. Teachers are in the best position to know (or to find out) what that is, if folks in administration could free them up to pursue it.

    Nice work,

    October 9, 2016

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