“We expect innovation in every organization except for the one we work in.”

Recently in a workshop, I asked a participant if I could use their phone and write a tweet from their account to get them some information.  When they handed me their iPhone, I realized that it was an iPhone 4, and confirmed that with them.  Compared to my iPhone 7, it seemed so small, and to be honest, quite slow.  I kind of laughed in my head, not because of the quality of the phone, but just thinking about a story directly connected to myself and this same version of phone.

When the iPhone 4 came out, I believe it was the first version of the phone that had cameras on both sides.  FaceTime was a thing, but didn’t really work that well. It was a considerable upgrade from the previous version of the phone.  It would also be my first iPhone.

Wanting this so badly, I decided to go to a kiosk where I could buy this phone on the first day of it’s release.  I got up at about 4am, headed to the mall, and was so glad that I was the first to be in line to get the phone.  Even if they only had one iPhone, I would get it!

5am rolls around I am still the only one around.

6am, same thing.  As well as 7am and 8am.  I am still the only one in line.

As the store was opening at 9am, and it was about five minutes prior, the gentleman running the counter said, “Do you want to just get it now?”, as I stood alone in the line. I spent the morning sitting outside a store by myself, watching several senior citizens do laps around the mall. I could have just been there at 9am and got the same phone!

And now I would never want that phone.  It is too slow, too small, the camera is not that good, etc., because I have experienced something much better.  I waited almost 5 hours in a line (of 1) for a phone I wouldn’t even want anymore.

It reminded me of one of my favourite, unknown quotes:

We expect innovation in every organization except for the one we work in.

What will we look at ten years from now in education and think, “Why in the world did we do that?”  Hopefully something, because that means we have become better than what we are now.


Source: George Couros