Taking Advantage of a Blank Slate

Anxiety can be high when you have a new superintendent, principal, or boss in general.  The thoughts of, “What changes will this person do while they are here? What will this new person mean for my context?  Will I get along with them or not?”

Understandably a new person entering our lives, especially one with authority, can be unsettling.  Imagine having to deal with that every single year?

Well, our students actually do.

And sometimes it isn’t just one new person, but several that may enter their life in education, depending upon their situation.

Two things to consider…

  1. For kids, the more we focus on building relationships at the beginning of the school year, the better they will probably do throughout the year.  Do not move too quickly into the “curriculum”; see that time spent as an investment, not as an expenditure.
  2. For both kids and adults, we have to learn that each new opportunity we have with someone new entering our lives, is an opportunity to have a blank slate.  A new position might give an individual a chance to start new, but a new administrator, superintendent, or teacher, gives everyone the chance to have a fresh start.  Take advantage of this.

I believe that change is an opportunity to do something amazing, but this does not mean that I don’t struggle with new things in my life.  It is when you try to catch your breath, step back, and see what is possible, that I feel more comfortable moving forward. You can either focus and dwell on the disadvantage, or embrace the advantage.  Your mindset is the most crucial element of the situation.


Source: George Couros