Kids Teaching the World


Leading #IMMOOC right now, once a week Katie Martin and I lead a YouTube live session for participants.  Because our schedules are busy, we can not have a show at the same time each week, as well, participants also have their own lives. It is a lot to expect people to watch a live show when YOU want them to watch it.  That being said, since the show is conversational, why does someone have to watch it on YouTube when it can be a podcast?  Problem is I do not know how to make a podcast.

Here we go…

First off I get the audio from my YouTube video using a service like ClipConverter.

Then I go to GarageBand and have no idea what I am doing.  I can figure out how to bring in audio, but I do not know how to cut it (figured that out), but how could I fade the music out as my speaking comes in? No idea. Try and try again and nothing.  Then, I google it and a kid who is probably under 12 years old makes a video that explains something to me that saved me hours of time.

Was I embarrassed?  Nope.  My whole career I have been open to learning from kids, but they were usually in my class and school.  Now I can learn from them any place, anywhere, and at any time, on so many topics.

While so many schools are trying to figure out if they should open up YouTube so students can watch videos, not enough are thinking about how they can use YouTube for students to upload their videos to teach others.

Knowledge is not limited to age.  After I figured out how to make the file for the podcast, I learned how to upload it to iTunes from several adults, using SoundCloud to upload directly to iTunes.

A few things:

  1. Learning and sharing are not limited by age.
  2. Struggle is good for learners…knowing information and knowing how to find information are both crucial, if you can do the latter, the former seems to happen.
  3. The ability to teach something increases your knowledge.  Not only can kids learn, they should teach. We need to take advantage of this amazing opportunity for them to share their knowledge.

One of my favourite quotes on learning is the following:


Let’s take the advantage of not only the opportunities for learning in the classroom, but for teaching to the world.

P.S. If you want to take a listen to the podcast, you can either check it out on Soundcloud or iTunes.

Source: George Couros