It is your thinking that creates solutions, not any technology.

Over the past couple of weeks, I had some interesting questions from educators.

The first was from a math teacher asking me how I would use technology at the high school level with advanced placement students.

The next was from a teacher talking about using technology in a school where devices are used by students in relation to gangs.

My response to both of them was the same; I have no idea.

I thought about it more though, and the appreciation I have for these teachers is through the roof.  Both of them were asking questions on how to get better and how to make the learning better for these students.  Was there a way that technology could create better experience for both of these teachers.  In short, yes, but there are better people to answer these questions and give guidance than myself.  But they are on their way to a continuous journey of becoming better.  It all starts by asking questions to move forward, not to stand still.

The first step in becoming innovative is the thinking, not the tech.  In fact, the tech doesn’t necessarily mean you are innovative at all; it just means you are using technology.  There are far too many positions where the person in charge of “innovation” is really looking at how they use technology in the classroom, and ultimately nothing else.  They treat the word “innovation” as a buzzword, and nothing else, when it is so much more than that.  It is a different way of thinking and doing.  As long as educators continue to seek answers to questions that are ultimately benefitting the students in front of them, the further we will go in education.

It is your thinking that creates solutions, not any technology.


Source: George Couros