An Administrator's Responsibility

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I was asked today what I think an administrator's role is in 21st Century Learning. Here was my response.

The most important aspect of 21st century learning is getting our students to be lifelong learners. I want to try and encourage a joy and a desire in my students to constantly be learning. Even when they do not have that joy or desire, I still want them to be able to find ways to learn. They have to know how to use technology, collaborate, to read, to write, to solve problems, etc. Since education, technology, and the world is changing so quickly, our teachers al

so have to be committed to lifelong learning. In order to keep up, our teachers must be learning about new technology, new methods, and the needs of our students. When teachers are lifelong learners, they are a great example of 21st century learning for our students.

Where does the administrator fit in this picture? Administrators should also be lifelong learners, just as it is expected of the teachers. They must encourage professional development and collaboration among their staff. Although there are great professional development opportunities and great personal learning networks available through social media and professional organizations, don't forget about the potential collaboration opportunities in your own building. Use your faculty to collaborate, train, and teach each other.



  1. Lynn Hardin said:

    I agree that as an administrator I must create a space or environment for students, teachers, staff and families to be lifelong learners and get our kids educated. Amazing collaboration happens in the hallways and teachers’ lounge. At my site each Wednesday after school, is set aside for more structured collaboration. At staff meetings I prefer to forgo the “principal show” and have 75% of the meeting presented by teachers. I use technology to deliver “news, weather and sports.” I feel my job is to create an environment of partnership, step aside and let the magic happen.

    Thank you for your wise words.

    August 8, 2010
    • Kayleen Love said:

      Thanks for the reminder to keep our Wednesday plans collaborative. The first Wednesday of the month, we all meet together for campus-wide info sharing and clebrations. The second Wednesday is department meetings. The departments set the agenda for those meetings and the Curriculum Specialists and Administrators each attend a different meeting for support. On the 3rd & 4th Wednesdays, we offer teacher-chosen short sessions led by the Librarian, the Instructional Technologist, the Counselors, or any teacher with an idea they would like to share. This plan has really helped teachers make choices about their needs and interests and created a much more collaborative tone. Have a great year!

      August 10, 2010

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