Accelerating Great Teaching and Learning

You are a principal and you have amazing access to see teachers teach, all of the time.  Walking in and out of the classroom, seeing what great teachers do, can make you an amazing teacher, even in the role of the principal.  Great principals take advantage of this.

Yet the process that I have seen shared with many administrators is that they will see something awesome happen in a classroom, and then they will ask the teacher share that practice with others at the next staff meetings.  Sometimes these meetings are two weeks away, sometimes a month, sometimes longer.  You may encourage them to share for ten minutes, but then things come up, and ten minutes, becomes five.  They share that great practice, and we move onto the next thing.

Or you could do this…

See that amazing thing happening in a classroom and ask the teacher if they can share it. Tweet it to a school hashtag using words, images, or a 30 second video.

Amazing practice, shared right now, to everyone.

This creates both a transparency and an urgency for others to move forward.  Still talk and share at your staff days, but this idea is a supplement, not a replacement.

How would we ever expect great practice to become “viral” if we only shared it once every 30 days?

Technology has the ability to amplify and accelerate the amazing things that are happening in your schools. Take advantage.


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  1. This is a really great idea but it sort of skips the most obvious step. If I were a principal (which is actually something that I think a lot about) and I saw something amazing in a classroom that could be caught on a video or a picture, I think George is a 100% dead-on about sharing it with all the other teachers there and then.

    And doing it digitally immediately seems right as part of a communications program which could also include a discussion in the next staff meeting. But the immediacy thing is good since it’ll hopefully spark discussion that day at lunch or in the staff room.

    But the obvious media to use for it I think would be email. All the teachers have email. They all check their email daily. Using Twitter is cooler and it allows you to reach large numbers of outside people too so it’s also full of potential. but for the bread and butter, hit-all-your-teachers, I think a principal should “goto” email for dissemination.

    John, Mayor, Founder, and GM of VocabularySpellingCity (Advanced word study techniques for improved Comprehension) and Science4Us (Strengthen literacy and math skills in K-2nd while building a science program, EZ for the teachers)

    July 4, 2016

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