The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour

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As I finally get back to blogging (after a year away), it comes at a very interesting time in my career. Recently, I received the news that I have received a principalship and will be given the opportunity to run my own school, Clayton Heights Secondary, in several weeks.

With the major changes that are about to impact the educational landscape in the next year, I feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to affect change at a different level of education.

My three years at Kwantlen Park Secondary have been the perfect training ground for me. My partners will agree that the amount of different experiences that have we have had to deal with  have provided us with the ultimate “pro-d”. When I first arrived at KP, I was totally unprepared for the onslaught of what our school had to deal with on a regular basis. The amazing part of our school was the massive amount of support that is available for every member of the school. We have a support system that is at its very heart designed strictly for the well being of our students and one that works solely for their needs. In doing so, the teachers and school benefit greatly from the work that the KP support team does.

As I embark on my new “Grand Tour” at Clayton Heights, I can only take the model that I worked with at KP and transfer it to a new setting. In addition, I have been at three schools in the past eight years under four amazing principals that each provided me with a bit more for my toolbox. The skills that I have learned have become invaluable to me.

Moving back to the cycling analogy that weaves its way through Shifting Gears, I no longer have to be the “domestique” working for the team. I can with a team to help move the school from great to greater. I look forward for this next chapter in my educational and administrative career and I hope you will join me on my Grand Tour (the posts will hopefully be more regular).

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  1. Cynthia Gordon said:

    Congratulations on your new position! I am in my first year as a principal as well and felt that the experiences I had with the administrators I previously worked with certainly helped prepare me too! The need for balance in our life is crucial to well being, so take care!

    January 10, 2016

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