How do you tell your story?


This is something that I have heard several times in education…

“Standardized tests do not tell the story of what we do in education.”

But here are two things I think about that.

  1. If it isn’t the story, why do some schools that do really well on standardized tests really focus on making sure everyone knows that?  (This is not a statement but a legitimate question because I have noticed this more and more lately.)
  2. If that isn’t your story, then what is?  What are the ways that you share student learning in your school that goes beyond a number or letter?

I really believe that no standardized test could ever tell the story of what happens in a school, so it is more important than ever to make sure that we share that story with people around the world.  We should not only focus on bringing expertise into our schools, but sharing our expertise (of both educators and students) with the world. We have more ways to tell that compelling story but it is up to us to do so.