It can’t just be new…it has to be significantly better.

I have done presentations for years, and the ONLY software that I have used to design them is Keynote.  Google Presentations and PowerPoint both are used by many, but in my mind, they have some serious flaws in the design.  No matter how they are updated, I will not use them.

Yet, I do not use the latest version of Keynote. I use version 5.3, which is last dated to 2012.  Although I am sure the newest version of Keynote has some great aspects, I weigh the time I need to spend learning a new interface, versus what I will get in return.  No one has been able to show me why it is so much better.

The same thing with my iPhone.  I need someone to show why I need to go through the hassle of updating my latest iOs when I am pretty happy with what I have right now.  As someone who advocates for change, there are many ways that I am reluctant to it in my own life.

What I do understand is that change for the sake of change is not good enough.  There has to be proof on why it is better.  There has to be something that compels me to see that the change I am partaking in creates something that I could not do before without it.

All change takes time, and since time is the most valuable asset in the world, we need to prove that change will be an investment, not an expenditure.

This is why it is important to focus on why we do something, not just jump right in.  I am always reluctant to just show people stuff, unless I can make a compelling case on why their investment of their time is crucial.  If we can’t explain that, then why are we doing it in the first place?