All or Nothing?

I’m considering making a change. With change often comes the traditional interview process and the preparation that comes along with that ritual. I suppose there is a benefit to this process in that it forces one to reflect. One of the interview questions is sure to involve my thoughts on what I think is the most important quality of an effective leader. After role playing this question in my head a dozen times, I have come to the conclusion that this is an impossible question to answer with any real depth. I compare it to what is the most important ingredient in a really delicious recipe? Without all the ingredients you don’t get the really delicious food. The vanilla is no less important than the sugar or the flour.

I feel the same with my top list of ingredients of a truly fine leader. What good is a clear vision without communication or relationship abilities? Is being responsive or supporting teachers meaningful if a leader doesn’t have current knowledge around pedagogy? Does enthusiasm and innovation¬†make an impact when organizational skills or the ability to really listen are weak?

Maybe I’m wrong, I’d like to hear others thoughts, but for me it seems to be all or nothing when discussing the qualities of a truly effective leader.

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