The Relentless Pursuit of What Is Possible

“Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.”

“We need to move slow to go fast.”

These sayings and others like it, although well intentioned, sometimes are a disguise for own reluctance to move forward. I have heard these sayings coming from leaders that actions truly say, “we are not moving forward”.  This also relieves pressure on those that are reluctant to change.  We often choose to hear what works best for us at this moment.

Sometimes, relieving ourselves and others of pressure, also alleviates the need to embrace something new.  Pressure is not necessarily a bad thing; in fact, when applied, it can sometimes create results that were not possible without it.

Whether you are a basketball fan or not, the success of the Golden State Warriors over the past few years has been amazing.  They came out of nowhere, and became a very strong team. Not satisfied with this and feeling stagnation, they actually relieved coach Mark Jackson of his coaching duties, and took another step forward to win the NBA championship last season. This year, they seemingly have created a narrative for themselves that people do not appreciate how good their team was, and they still have not lost a game.  They are playing better than ever yet they have seemingly created their own pressure.  Great organizations constantly set the bar out of their own reach.

If schools are true learning organizations, we need to embrace this constant push forward. This does not mean that we get rid of something we have done for a couple of years for what is new. Sometimes it means going deeper.  But if we do not have this relentless pursuit of what is possible, we will be stuck in the narrative of what was.