Leading by learning… #thefirstyear

With any new position, job, or skill…there is a learning curve. These days I walk the tightrope of leading…and learning. I posted this quote at our PLC meeting today and thought it most apropos.


How do I ensure that I keep my team passionate and not just STRESSED? Right now I am doing it through conversations, chats, and insisting over and over that they talk to me. Tell me why you’re overwhelmed, what can we do to make it easier to handle? Where do you feel we can make a change? How does that change impact our non-negotiable, of student success? I heard from great teachers today what all was on their plate, and had to really remember that we are new to each other. They aren’t sure how blatantly honest they can be with me, and I don’t know how much support or how many reminders they need yet.

While there are some things that I’ll fall on the sword for (student growth, student empowerment, teacher support) there’s a LOT that I’m willing to be flexible with. I’ve said it before but I know they need to hear it again and again…my superintendent even referenced it yesterday. Having leadership model that mode of leading I HOPE will be an example for how they interact with their students. It’s one I am learning from the very top.  

I read George say over and over again that leaders aren’t leaders because they know everything, they are leaders because they have the ability to create MORE leaders. They lead with a vision, and communicate that vision.  “When the leader has this belief and proves it through actions, it trickles down to students in the classroom.” I am not the principal because I have all the answers, but because I will do whatever it takes to help my staff and students be successful. I’m so proud of my teachers…they cram SO much in, the very least I can do is listen and try to removes obstacles.

As an AP I remember thinking I always had to give an answer, to prove myself, at the detriment of having at times, to come back and admit I was wrong. I think it’s a sign of growth now that I can say, “lets talk through this” or “what are you thoughts?”, rather than give an edict.

Each and every day I learn something that I hope makes me better…and that’s something I hope my staff sees, and can appreciate.  #thefirstyear #wearewhitt

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