Doing Business Better

BlendedLearningPersonalizationAs we start the new school year our passion for growth, our commitment to excellence, is on display. Too often we hear about new programs, compare ourselves to successful programs in other places, or simply talk about the changes we’d like to see in our schools. It is very easy to talk the talk; it is much more challenging to actually walk the walk. It is easy to see the value in progress; it is much more difficult to change behavior . . . to create the experiences.

The Hilliard Way is more than talk . . . the Hilliard Way is passionate about growth. The Hilliard Way doesn’t tinker with the latest trends; we don’t wait for others to create “best practices.” We create the practices that are best for Hilliard. We don’t dabble; we research, purposefully plan, and expertly implement programs, strategies, and instructional practices to personalize education for the children in our district.

Our district has been able to stretch a three-year levy commitment made to our community in 2011 to a 5-year budget reality, remaining off the ballot until 2016. We haven’t done this by reducing services. We did this through a growth mindset, by being a learning organization that is committed to excellence.

We are committed to truly prepare our students for tomorrow by not just by doing business differently, but by doing business better. Our greatest asset is our people – the professionals who each and every day dedicate themselves to the growth, learning, and development of our students. We are committed to cultivating the best culture – a culture that is home for teachers, students, and staff to work, learn, and growth together.

Doing business better isn’t about a single program; it is a purposeful, holistic approach. In the coming weeks you will be reading and receiving more information about our elementary iPad Cart Program, our One2One initiative in the middle schools, and our Digital Textbooks. All of these initiatives provide our students with a better more personal education experience – and do so at a cost savings to the district. By doing business better we are being more efficient in an ever-changing world.

Our secondary students will experience a new Learning Management System (LMS) this year as we shift to Canvas, more students will earn college credit while in high school than in any other year, and our Hilliard University Professional Development programs will continue to offer exceptional growth opportunities for our teachers and staff. Thousands of students have learned at the Innovative Learning Center and this year we will be expanding these approaches to the elementary level . . . we are doing business better in Hilliard.

We are a team . . . an education family. Our strength is in our true sense of partnership – in our true commitment to team. From the family unit to the classroom, from the choir to the athletic fields, from the art room to the science lab, everything we do beats with the same heart beat. We live with a common purpose, by shared values, and are committed to preparing every individual student to be Ready for Tomorrow.

There is beauty in simplicity . . . there is excellence in doing business better.