Not just another new student…that’s my baby…

This week my  sweet lil’TsT had her kindergarten roundup. As in..she will be FIVE soon…and attending kindergarten next year. To put the myriad of emotions I am feeling into words is next to impossible. She’s already IN a pre-school, so it isn’t as if she has never been away from me. She’s also, um, not the first child of MINE to start school. So yes, the fact that I should be completely ok with this hasn’t escaped me, but I still well up with tears thinking about her beginning. Time always flies but to think her big sister will be in 8th grade this year (gulp!!) is a testament to how fast it TRULY flies once they start the seasons of school.

Couple that with the fact that I do this for a living and you’ll probably be even more confused at my emotions. I pull screaming kinders away from their parents each year and smilingly send them away, reassuring them that this will be FINE, that their baby will be GREAT, and they need to just let us take them.

(Oh dear…do we even want to THINK about someone trying to wretch my sweet girl outta my arms?!?)

The mom in me thinks, “She’s so tiny. There’s so much she can’t do yet!”

The admin in me thinks, “Here we go, another one to build an academic future!”

The mom in me thinks, “Please be gentle with her, she’s not ready for playground politics yet!”

The admin in me thinks “Just you wait, she’ll be running the show soon.”

The mom in me thinks “You have no idea…this baby makes me SO insanely happy every day…”

The admin in me thinks “Every new kinder baby is someone’s whole world, nothing new to see here…”

The mom in me thinks “I will be THAT mom for my kid…I will! Please keep her in mind when making decisions!”

The admin in me thinks “We have to think about what is best for ALL kids, momma!”

The dichotomy of these rival roles playing out in my mind is like its own greek tragedy. Thank goodness I am in an incredible school where I truly KNOW and love each and every one of our kinder teachers. I see how hard they work, I know how much they love what they do, and am lucky enough to be there when my girl begins her schooling adventure. Couldn’t have asked for a better team to surround my sweet girl.

I just hope they can handle this dichotomy better than I can!


Kinder counting down,