If you are scared of change, ask yourself this question.

People are terrified of change.  Not just of change, but the process of change and what it entails you.  You cannot change your practice without work, time commitment, and sometimes shifting priorities.  In leadership positions, this is the same with helping people move forward and having them invest their time in a new project or initiative.  You will want to guard them from all of the work that they will have to do when time is precious.  So when you go through the process, ask yourself this question:

Is this best for kids?

If you can answer unequivocally that the answer is “yes”, then the change process is necessary.  It might not be easy, it might take time, it might be messy, but it needs to happen.

If you are unsure if the answer is “yes” or “no”, use that same question to guide your search.

If it helps our students, it is worth doing.

That simple.


  1. Josemartin Ilao said:

    I am not afraid of necessary change. I completely agree with the premise that any change that unequivocally results in the benefit of our students is necessary. What gives me pause is the reality that life is hardly that clear cut or binary to add computer irony. All changes will have positive and negative outcomes that we simply cannot anticipate. The real problem comes when ignorance is accepted for the sake of convenience. As we speak, our privacy has been willingly surrendered so that we can access Facebook. Our personal calendars are wide-open to eager commercial enterprise. People know who we are, what we like, who our friends our, the name of our pets, when we are asleep (Fitbit bracelets), and when we plan to go out of town! So I do not fear change. I fear the consequences of our ignorance of how that change truly impacts our lives.

    March 30, 2015

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