A Simple Smile

I love this tweet:

Honestly, I could not agree more.

I am really trying to make going to the gym a priority every morning, and some days, it is harder than the others.  There is never a day that I regret going to the gym. Ever.  But that being said, it is sometimes hard to get going and push yourself.  Every morning, when I check-in, I always say “good morning” and smile. A lot of times though, I am sometimes ignored or brushed off.  It is probably the worst way to start my workout.  Being there is tough and to really push yourself can be exhausting, not just physically, but mentally.  Someone’s demeanour towards you can really make an impact on your day.

Then I think of this in the context of school.  I have seen schools where educators walk right by a student without even acknowledging them, and every time that happens, it kills me inside.  We can’t say how important are students are to us, and then follow it up by not acknowledging them.  This is not just educators to students, but educators to educators as well.  And what message does that send to kids?  If we don’t acknowledge each other, what lessons do students take from that, and apply to their interactions with peers?  Learning is hard and sometimes exhausting, so every moment we can make a difference and school a welcoming place, we have to take.

School culture is not as complicated as we make it.  If we want people to get better, they have to know they are already valued.  If they don’t know that, good luck.  This is something so simple, but for some it still seems way too hard.  A smile can make someone’s day, can be infectious, and have a tremendous impact on school culture.