From conference to campus…make it happen!

I am super excited about the opportunities I have to be at a variety of learning spaces this summer. From ISTE to Region X, my “summer” is full of learning! (I love my job!)

As I read through all of the recent posts about what not to forget and things that you “have” to have/know/pack when thinking summer learning, I keep coming back to something I read in “Leverage Leadership”.

Regardless of where you go or what you do this summer, the most important things happen AFTER you leave. If you don’t walk away with an ACTION PLAN of how to implement or start moving towards the sustainable changes you want to see happen, chances are you won’t see them take place. Have you seen this quote?


That fired up, inspirational feeling will likely fade when you get back to the realities of your to do list and every day tasks. While you’re at your conference, (or your couch, if you’re hashtagging!) be sure you reflect on what or how you can make these happen in your building. I always like to write a “reflection” piece, documenting what great ideas I’ve seen and how I imagine it looking on our campus. I pick a “big” three to focus on and try to make happen. Why three? Because one is not enough and five is too many!

By narrowing it down and being more intentional, I am more likely to apply the most important take aways I have learned, turning each conference not just into a 5 hour energy drink, but an entire year of inspiration!

How do you make sure your excitement and energy carries over?

change craver, Amber