Redefining Work

If you could choose, what work environment would you work in?

  1. An organization with vision for a preferred future, or one that is happy with maintaining the status quo.
  2. A place where everyone is a leader because of the gifts they bring, or there are a few managers based upon position.
  3. An environment that is flexible and realizes the gifts you bring as a person, or one that is rigid and expects you to fit into the business mold.
  4. A job where you are tr

    usted to do the job that you need to do, or one where you are managed to do the job you need to do.

  5. A place where ideas are shared and common solutions are created, or one where all decisions lie in the hands of a single person.
  6. A work environment that is open and shares what they are doing with all stakeholders, or one that is guarded until the last moment.
  7. An environment where risks are seen as necessary to learning and success, or one where risks are not encouraged at all.

As an educator, I do not necessarily want our students to adapt to any particular work environment as much as I hope they define it. I know the type of work place I am trying to create for our school.

What are you ideals?



  1. Diane Devine said:

    Thank you, George, for a posting that affirms what I believed was possible in a school environment. I wish that I was lucky enough to have you as a principal!

    October 1, 2010
    • It definitely is not possible only in the future, but right now! It is amazing what people can do when they know you trust them šŸ™‚

      October 1, 2010

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