Initiate change? Of course you can! #r10tech

I had the opportunity  today to present at the Region 10 technology conference. As always, I come away amazed at the work of the Region X team. This conference has evolved over the years into a must attend the event for the Region X area. From session flow to strategic sessions, to participant size to the addition this year of FOOD TRUCKS…they are doing it right!

The conversations today with educators from around the area was so refilling. I appreciate so much the passion behind what they are all doing. Some are in district level positions, some are campus administrators, and some are classroom teachers. What I’ve found is that those who are willing to miss a day and all that entails are the ones willing to have the conversations that are going to initiate change.

I said in my presentation today that if you think you need a title to be a leader, then you may not yet be ready for that responsibility.  Anyone can make a difference…after all, even the biggest wave started out as just a breeze!

Classroom teachers can make change happen by adopting genius hour, by becoming connected to other learners, to challenging the status quo. Differentiate…get creative, turn the power to choose how they  learn over to your students. Not completely, oh naysayers of mine, but even just a lesson a week can start a wave….its ok not to do what you’ve always done. 

Building leaders can make changes by modeling what it means to be a lifelong learner, by allowing teachers to TRY new things, and to feel comfortable in FAILing if that’s what happens.  Encourage conferences, encourage learning, be the LEAD learner not just by title, but in action.

District support staff can initiate change by offering support, encouraging new ideas, by asking different questions. Offer to be in classrooms, or do more research on an idea…help a teacher make connections with innovators in the area at hand.  There’s no need to recreate the wheel if some other awesome educator has tried it  before.

Edupeeps in district level positions can initiate change by being willing to be transparent in their own learning, to open up and be flexible in what good ol’traditional teaching has to look like. Get to an edcamp, attend a national conference…let yourself break free from the educational silo you may find yourself in.

We all have the power to make change…we just have to be willing to “be more dog”.

Educator proud,



  1. Mikeal Yonge said:

    Breezes. Other breezes are: an idea, trying something new, stretching, showing you care, a thought, a concept …

    While reading your breeze, I was thinking something is missing with your analogy. For a wave to continue to grow it also needs a constant direction. I am liking the concept of motivation as this directional force directing the breeze that makes a larger wave.

    I, often, enjoy the breeze of a great idea, but the follow through required to get the wave moving is often not there. Educators can easily say, “That is nice, but I am too busy.” And think the reason is lack of time. As with students, it is usually a lack of direction (motivation) that stops the wave from growing.

    How to motivate teachers? I think that this would be a constant question in the back (or perhaps front) of your mind, We know the what, how and why? But fall short at the when. We need direction, motivation, enthusiasm, a focused breeze that keeps going and gently pushing the ever increasing wave.

    So, here is a breeze about motivation.

    Background: My daughter is into extreme couponing, but it can be time consuming (as education is) and it is entirely self-motivated. I thought about what keeps her it at the task, she is very good at it and knows the What, How, Why and Where. But what helps her to keep making the When? Saving money is a great motivator, but I have notice that she spends time watching and reading “brags.” This is where a colleague (fellow extreme coupon-er) shares the great deal they achieved – The “what, how, why and where” in the brags encourages my daughter to make the “when.”

    My brag, about making a breeze, is my website,, which I made this school year using the free tools at I had never made a website before but found it relatively easy, though it took a lot of “when”. It was a breeze and now it is creating waves in some adult learners.

    I think a “support group system” of brags from busy educators to other busy educators would help to share breezes and to give direction to the breezes, to turn the ripples into focused waves.

    I have added connected principals to my feedly and liveBinders because of thoughtful articles like yours. I hope you have a nice week.

    ~ Mike

    May 18, 2014
  2. Sue Dunlop said:

    I love the addition of the video! Will pass it and your post along. Change is not impossible.

    May 19, 2014

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