The Dream Makers Among Us

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

As Lady Liberty greeted thousands of dreamers to the new world, to freedom, and to the land of unending opportunities it was clear that everyone was welcome. The American Dream was available to all that cross the great ocean – to each individual that left the old world to experience the new. A better life, a limitless future was at the fingertips there on Ellis Island . . . it was in the air. It was magic!

The American Dream . . . the melting pot that made America what it is today . . . is alive and well. The American Dream . . . the optimism that we are creating a world of opportunities for our children . . . is alive and well because of the amazing educators that are preparing our next generation of American leaders, inventors, and citizens.

Imagine for a moment a space – a room – where a future heart surgeon, a future senator, a future engineer, a future chef, and a future sales clerk are all learning together. This space is filled each and every day . . . this space is any classroom, in any public school.

Our teachers are the foundation of our economy. Our teachers do so much more than simply impart information; they nurture creativity and encourage persistence. In some cases our teachers are role models, counselors, therapists, and most importantly listeners for their students. Each child comes to school with unique experiences and vastly different needs; our teachers strive to meet the needs of each child in their care. We ask the world of our teachers and often take their amazing contributions for granted.

It’s often easy to say that teachers are simply “doing a job,” but for teachers it is more than a job. It’s easy to be critical based on one-size-fits-all accountability measures because it’s difficult to imagine the work of embracing ideal that one-size never fits all.

All our Dreams can come true,

If we have the courage to pursue them.

– Walt Disney

Our classrooms are melting pots . . . our classroom embrace the ideals that Lady Liberty emboldened on this great country. Our teachers are dream makers; our teachers are shaping the future.

As we prepare for Teacher Appreciation Week please take a moment to reflect on the teachers from your life and the teachers that are in our classrooms today. Our schools today are preparing students for a new tomorrow . . . for the next economic frontier. Our teachers today are preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow. We will face new challenges and our classrooms will continue to change. We will continue to personalize education – to embrace, inspire, and empower each student to dream.

From Mrs. Hinsch to Mrs. Blain, from Dr. O’Conner to Dr. Jax . . . thank you! These teachers created a foundation that inspired me to dream. Who inspired you? Who is inspiring the future? Take time over the next week to say a huge “thank you” to those individuals that are the dream makers of America.


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A Future Superintendent, willing to DREAM.
A Future Superintendent, willing to DREAM.