Are you busy busy, busy?

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Busy is the new black. Ask anyone how they are doing and what do response do you get?

“Stressed!” “Overwhelmed!” “Can’t keep up!” “Tired!”

Can you imagine what would happen if you just answered that question with a “Inbox zero, task list completed, actually have time for an extra nap this week…”? It would stop traffic!

Many times busyness is equated with productivity. Just because the wheels are constantly spinning doesn’t mean you’re getting anywhere. I know that for me, my to do list can shift based on priority but I literally can work 12 hour days and still not get caught up…which makes it feel as if I am not making progress.

I listened to a podcast this weekend and heard something simplified that is so common sense I am almost ashamed to admit how clarifying it was for me. The author (Crystal Paine) was discussing how hard it is for her to say no and to prioritize her tasks. She said that at the beginning of each month (day, week, year, etc) she lists her BIG goals. Her big, all encompassing, gotta be done goals. Then she files all of her tasks into alignment with those goals. If it doesn’t fit? She doesn’t commit.

I’m a big “yes” girl. I like feeling accomplished and like I’ve done more than my share, like I’ve had my opportunity to get my input in. But sometimes? Sometimes I take on things that just don’t matter in what REALLY matters.

I say yes just to say yes. 

I want to model being a lead learner for our campus and share my passion with others, which is being positive and making school FUN without compromising academic success for every student. I believe in empowering others to be successful. If I’m going to be on a committee, or speak somewhere, does it move me closer to accomplishing that goal or detract from it? Where should my focus be?

Am I committing to what matters or committing to things that are actually detours? They can be REALLY great things, but still be detours. Double check that commitment list and see what you can cross off. Move out of survival mode and into PRODUCTIVE mode!

busy beaver,



  1. Miriam said:

    Pardon my lack of knowing and/or staying abreast of the new lingo. Why are you associating busy with black?

    February 21, 2014
  2. @8amber8 said:

    Hi Miriam,
    It’s just a play on that fashion term “______ is the new black”? Every season there’s some color that instead of going with say a traiditoional LBD (little black dress) it’s turqoise, or red… 🙂

    From the google:
    We’ll start with probably the more recognizable part of it, the phrase “the new black.” This phrase is so common in pop culture, it has its own Wikipedia page. On the page you can read that the phrase is in fact “_____ is the new black,” where the blank is some suddenly popular thing. While the phrase can be used to refer to anything (like Furbies or dieting), it’s particularly relevant to fashion: It was used repeatedly in the 1980s to indicate that other colors (frequently brown, navy blue, or grey) were temporarily displacing black’s position in fashion or industrial design as a versatile staple that complemented all other aspects and was generally unobjectionable.

    Thanks for reading!

    February 21, 2014

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