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Yes, there is the Internet of Things: a world in parallel to ours were our devices, data, algorithms, gadgets, smart phones and digital tools interconnect, communicate, and work independently of…

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“… and now you’re a wacko like me.” I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a greater compliment regarding my philosophies on education (assessment in this particular case) then hearing…

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        So we’re currently going through the exciting process of creating a master facilities plan at our school, and the opportunity that we have to transform our…

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This summer some of our teachers attended Literacy Strategy as part of our before school professional development.

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As a follow-up, we invited a Literacy specialist, Shannon Gaines, to spend a day with our teachers observing and providing feedback.

We scheduled half a day to walk her through a dozen classes so that she could observe interactions, lessons, and strategies already in play. Then we met in small groups with teachers for follow-up conversations.

As a school leader, I wanted to know what Shannon viewed as some strengths as well as where we could grow. The feedback was helpful: Read More 10 Easy Literacy Strategies For Engaging Students

I believe technology is a wonderful thing. I rely heavily on it every day and it is one of my passions. I facilitate my school’s technology advisory  committee and am…

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All four of my children were taught to swim by a retired teaching couple that lives in our community.

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She was a kindergarten teacher, and he was a secondary teacher, coach, and principal.

A couple of summers ago, I was sitting poolside watching them teach a group of first and second graders. They were clear with their instructions and enthusiastic about their lesson. They modeled and demonstrated the skills they were teaching. And they guided students through practice, correcting them when needed, and praising them when they succeeded. Read More Providing Helpful Feedback—No Matter What Subject You Have Taught

Cover in 3D

I am excited to share that my first book, “The Innovator’s Mindset; Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity“, is now available.

If you would have asked me years ago, if I would ever write a book, I would have never imagined it.  Yet, diving into my own learning through this blog, has really helped me to try to think and go deeper into what we can do for schools and our kids.

I am truly grateful for so many people that helped and inspired me (and have shared many of them in this book), and for Dave and Shelley Burgess in helping me write a book that I am really excited for others to read.  They have been remarkably supportive and I appreciate that they reached out to me.  If it weren’t for the people that I have connected with through Twitter and this blog, as well as so many educators around the world, not only would I have not had ideas to share, I wouldn’t have had the the courage to share them. I am grateful to so many that have pushed my learning and helped me create something to share.

I just wanted to say thank you.

So….thank you 🙂

Below is a summary of the book:

Kids walk into schools full of wonder and questions. How you, as an educator, respond to students’ natural curiosity can help further their own exploration and shape the way they learn today and in the future. The traditional system of education requires students to hold their questions and compliantly stick to the scheduled curriculum. But our job as educators is to provide new and better opportunities for our students. It’s time to recognize that compliance doesn’t foster innovation, encourage critical thinking, or inspire creativity–and those are the skills our students need to succeed.

In The Innovator’s Mindset, George Couros encourages teachers and administrators to empower their learners to wonder, to explore–and to become forward-thinking leaders. If we want innovative students, we need innovative educators. In other words, innovation begins with you. Ultimately, innovation is not about a skill set: it’s about a mindset. The Innovator’s Mindset is for you if: You are a superintendent, district administrator, or principal who wants to empower your staff to create a culture of innovation You are a school leader – at any level – and want to help students and educators become their personal best. You are a teacher who wants to create relevant learning experiences and help students develop the skills they need to be successful. You’ll be inspired to: Connect with other innovative educators Support teachers and leaders as learners Tap into the strength of your learning community Create ongoing opportunities for innovation Seek more effective methods for measuring progress And, most importantly, embrace change and use it to do something amazing.

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        So over the past two weeks we’ve rolled out an initiative with our students called, Paying It Forward. Essentially, we’ve challenged every one of our kids…

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There is a belief that children nowadays are natural, “Digital Natives”, and that we adults on the sidelines are “Digital Immigrants”. The dexterity and comfort many children demonstrate when interacting…

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Over the last few weeks, an outstanding series produced by ARTE called “Do Not Track Me” has become available and is getting quite a bit of social media attention. The…

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