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We just welcomed our teachers and students back to school.
It was hard work to prepare for all the moving parts that make up master schedules, professional development, and schedule pick-ups.

But there is also great satisfaction in having everyone back and knowing we’ve had a successful launch.

Each year I try to remember that the first days with our school team are as important as their first days with students. Read More 4 Reminders For A New School Year

I enjoy using images to share ideas. In a post on my Pair-a-Dimes blog, I shared the ‘Embracing Change’ image, also shared below. As I said in the post: “…we’…

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This past August I had the opportunity to participate in an incredibly effective model of professional development hosted by our school district. It consisted of workshops and presentations from national,…

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So for those of you who have seen me over the past few weeks, you know that I’ve been pretty excited. Not only about the year that we’ve just begun,…

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Recently, I had the opportunity to visit schools in Sydney, Australia and on one of these days, I was asked a few questions about where schools are going, and specifically,…

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So this past Friday I had the opportunity to meet dozens of new students and their families who have just recently arrived new from all over the world to our…

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The Hilliard City School District is a diverse learning community – we embrace our diversity and strive to create an accepting and welcoming culture. Our diversity includes cultural and racial…

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While watching an observation training video, I noticed the teacher accidentally turned off the projector and then did not get it going again for a while. The technology failed (sort…

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I remember a story a good friend told me about her first year as an assistant principal.
She worked with a teacher who frequently referred the same boy to the office for misbehavior.

Although the boy (I’ll call him Billy) deserved the consequences he received, the teacher was convinced he was impossible to help and really wanted him out of her class. Read More Keeping The Heart Of An Educator