Gerald Aungst

Gerald is the supervisor of gifted education and elementary mathematics in the School District of Cheltenham Township, in Elkins Park, PA. Prior to this, he spent 18 years in the classroom in both general education and gifted support. He is a co-founder of both ntcamp, an unconference for new teachers, and All About Explorers, a website designed to teach information literacy skills to elementary students. Gerald also blogs at Quisitivity about a variety of education topics. He has a lovely wife, Michele, and three fantastic boys. He roasts his own coffee beans from time to time, plays trombone in his church worship team, and doesn’t read nearly as much as he’d like. Gerald is a permanent student and is always looking for something new to learn.


  1. JAlexander said:

    Your statement; “when we allow stu­dents (in this case, the edu­ca­tors) to fol­low their pas­sions and inter­ests, to explore the things that already have mean­ing for them and to wres­tle together with each other over those mean­ings and appli­ca­tions, the learn­ing that can take place will be immense” is a goal worth setting and reachable if teachers are encouraged to move in this direction. It is a breath of fresh air to read about administrators moving away from “teach to the test” and there is “only time to teach the skills needed to pass the test and it must be done in the scripted format given in most current curricula”. Thanks for a great post and inspiration!

    June 8, 2012
    • AVJester said:

      Hi Gerald,

      Your insight on what it takes to be a 21st century leader is very thought provoking. A key component mentioned is communication. Leaders must develop the technological skills to communicate with all constituents.Leaders are encouraed to communicate their visions through the power of social media. leaders must embrace the technological advancements that exist. Information can be shared in a much broader manner than via direct, verbal communication. The encouragement to embrace what is new and different is appreciated.

      June 9, 2012

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