Katherine C. Mann

Kathy Mann is an Assistant Principal at École Broxton Park School, a K-9 school in Spruce Grove, Alberta. It includes a French Immersion program, a Maranatha Christian Alternative Program, and Specialized Programs for students with special needs. Kathy has long been interested in how assessment can inform teacher practice,  conceptual understandings in mathematics, and integration of technology to differentiate instruction. Kathy recently began her blog at katherinecmann.wordpress.com (Mrs. Mann’s Blog), to help her engage in conversation about teaching and learning with the diverse and numerous staff at Broxton Park.  You can also connect with Kathy on Twitter at http://twitter.com/katherinecmann.

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  1. July 27, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    Hi Katherine;

    We are looking for tech literate schools to pilot our beta IWB lessons (PK-5). No cost! We just like to hear the feedback from the users. In return, each teacher that pilots the program can keep the sample lessons.
    Here is a video from our webinars. http://www.electrokite.com/webinar/

    Thanks in advance;
    Kerrie Gallagher
    Electrokite, Inc

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