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Broadcasting School Events

A great new podcast that I love listening to is BrandEd hosted by Joe Sanfelippo and Tony Sinanis.  Each episode shares ways that schools can communicate and share their positive news with parents/community.  We all know that we can’t count…

Digital Leadership with Eric Sheninger

Eric Sheninger is releasing a new book this month:Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times. The Principalcast Podcast will be interviewing Eric on Sunday, January 12, 2014 at 8:30 PM CST on The reason we chose to interview Eric is…

We Can't Make this Stuff Up!

School administrators encounter so many interesting situations that they were never prepared to deal. Even graduate level school leadership courses cannot prepare you for what actually happens. So often as we share stories of difficult situations with an administrative colleague…

A Special Guest on the next PrincipalCast Podcast…

Have you heard the PrincipalCast Podcast? We've recorded 5 episodes now on the following topics: #1 Social Media and Facebook #2 Social Media in the School District #3 You know you're a connected educator when… #4 Observing and Evaluating Teachers in the 21st…

Introducing the PrincipalCast Podcast

principalcastPodcasts have been a great tool for my personal professional learning, because it's so easy to download and just listen while I'm getting ready in the morning, cleaning the house, walking the dog or in the car. I share with you several of the podcasts that I listen to on my Podcasts Page. For several years I enjoyed listening to the Practical Principals podcast, was sad that it discontinued and that I couldn't really find any other podcast with principals that filled that void.

Principal Theresa Stager invited me to help her start a Principals Podcast, which we also invited Principal Dr. Spike Cook in on. Our first live podcast was quite interesting with many tech glitches, so Jeff Bradbury at offered to pick us up under his broadcasting network.

You can now find the #PrincipalCast Podcast live every Sunday night at 8:30 PM CST on You can join in the discussion on the chat box of that site or tweet using #principalcast in your tweet.

Each week we will be using the following format for our agenda:

  • What's been happening?
  • Question from the newbie (new principal) or a hot topic for principals.
  • Something awesome
  • Keeping Current
  • Principals to Follow on Twitter

You can find the #Principalcast Podcast at Other ways to follow/connect with the podcast:

  • Email
  • Use the hashtag #principalcast on Twitter
  • Follow @PrincipalCast on Twitter

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We’re Going 1:1 with iPads

  Can you hear my excitement already? You read that right…we are going 1:1 with iPads in all of our preschool through 5th grade classrooms in our elementary school. Since I have learned from so many other blogs about integrating…

The No Complaining Rule

cheap cialis online eight=”320″ border=”0″ />   I’ve read a number of books by Jon Gordon and have never been disappointed. His books are quick reads, but always inspirational with powerful, positive messages. I recently read The No Complaining Rule:…

Sharing my Reading Life

I have had the pleasure of learning directly from Regie Routman in her Leadership in Literacy conference twice in the past two years. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a conference/workshop with Regie, I would highly recommend it. While…

Building Professional Trust

One of my professional goals this year is to encourage teachers to reflect, by providing them with the tools and time to do so. In addition, my goal is to model reflection for them. Each week I am sending out…

Differentiating Learning for Teachers

A few weeks ago I “attended” Principal Lyn Hilt’s session: “Differentiating Learning: It’s Not Just for Students!” at the  Reform Symposium Worldwide E-Conference. A common comment/complaint I’ve heard from other administrators is that their teachers have become complacent, lost their…