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Chris Wejr is currently a K-6 school principal at Kent Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia, Canada. He is passionate about reflecting on current educational practices to create conversations around positive educational change. He believes that we need to focus on students and educators’ strengths to move forward in education. You can read more from Chris on his blog “The Wejr Board”.

Engaging Without Carrots & Sticks

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Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm and I were recently asked by educator and author Larry Ferlazzo to respond to the question: HOW CAN WE  KEEP STUDENTS ENGAGED WITHOUT CARROTS & STICKS?  My response originally appeared at Education Week here and was cross posted at my…

Connected Leadership: A Journey

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Cross-posted at “The Wejr Board” blog. I recently had the honour of presenting to a neighbouring school district about my journey in developing on online personal learning network (PLN) and becoming a connected leader. The slides from the presentation are…

Challenge Me.

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In his book Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni tells us that if you have a team that sits around and always agrees, you are not a real team. Teams must challenge each other to be better. There is…