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I think I’ve done a top ten or 5 take-away post or a what to do list for every conference I’ve gone to since I’ve been blogging. It typically revolved around a couple of great ideas, ways to grow, and ways to move forward. Post #TCEA17, which was full of great ideas, and even greater […]

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Teacher burnout…it’s a real thing. This stretch in the winter/spring is a LONG chunk of instructional intensity. You’ve got middle of the year data, you have testing awareness creeping up on you, and spring break is just outta reach. The genius of Melinda Miller introduced me to Fab Fridays in February several years ago and […]

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I am a firm believer in that if it isn’t written down, odds are I won’t remember to get to it with fidelity. I’ve written about my goals for several years now (2016, 2015, 2104, 2012) and love being able to reference not only where I was personally but also  professionally. I’m only 9 days late into […]

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This past week NFL Films released “Troy Aikman: A Football Life”. Obviously, I’ve watched it a number of times now, and keep finding these gems of greatness. One of the themes that jumped out at me was Troy’s issues with Barry Switzer’s coaching style. Switzer was older, relaxed, and felt like as the coach of […]

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I’ve mentioned before that one of the things I think that impacted my leadership last year was that I put all of the “me” things on the back burner, including my own growth as a leader. In years previous, I was very active on twitter leader chats, participating in conversations, I was more involved with my […]

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Last spring we had a pretty ferocious hail storm that decimated many a home in our little Wylie, Texas. Literally, entire neighborhoods were inhabitable for a time and every roof on my street had to be replaced. Softball sized hail will do that! Now, e…

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I had the pleasure of presenting at the Texas ASCD conference this week with a principal here in the Wylie ISD. We were a part of an iPad roll out last year and wanted to speak to our experience. It was a lively group and we were able to get into some …

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Have you ever noticed how you sometimes you  have to take sides as an educator? Clip charts are bad. PBL is the only way to teach. Go open! Stay closed! Homework is the devil. Stay out of your office, principals! If every lesson doesn’t include 21st-century learning, you’re not an effective planner. Technology is a […]

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I love that my campus is full of educators who recognize the variances in students abilities. How completely overwhelming to look at 22 (or 44! or 66!) students and realize that in order to make instruction happen at their level, you’re going to have to make some instructional magic happen. We’re really focusing on a workshop […]

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My beast is a freshman this year. As if that isn’t just completely foreign enough, by week 4 she has joined a number of clubs/organizations to fill up all her, you know, free time. With pre-Ap and even an AP class, she just has so much of that. 😉 She originally was going try also be […]

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We don’t have cable (sob!) but we, luckily, have an apple tv where I can watch the NFL network at my whim. This past week while cleaning, I was watching/listening to a show called “NFL Fantasy Live“. I finally had to come sit down and listen after hearing the hosts and their guests to see […]

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I have been blogging for a long time. I blogged as a teacher with my students 10 years ago. I blogged as a facilitator with technology integration ideas & shout outs. I blogged as an AP, just about education leadership thoughts and with my staff. Last year I decided that each blog that was written […]

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As techie as I am, I have mentioned my love for my Erin Condren planner here and here. I’ve discussed my notebook for my meeting notes. That takes care of two facets of my daily world, but what about the other pieces that should also be on your plate? RTI, PLC’s, student data, etc etc etc… […]

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