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Amber Teamann is an assistant principal at Watkins Elementary in Wylie, Texas. She enjoys the challenges of working with a diverse group of students on her K-5 campus, as well as challenging and empowering her teachers. As a former technology facilitator for her district, she looks forward to integrating as much technology into her teachers classrooms as possible, all with a smile!

Free and easy ways to connect with your staff & parents!


There are a variety of ways that teachers and administrators can communicate with their class, staff, and parents. Effective communication is vital to a schools success. Not just the typical teacher to parents way, but also from the campus to the families. Good communication can prevent misperceptions and mismatched expectations,…

Are you busy busy, busy?


This post is cross posted from Technically yours, Teamann. Busy is the new black. Ask anyone how they are doing and what do response do you get? “Stressed!” “Overwhelmed!” “Can’t keep up!” “Tired!” Can you imagine what would happen if…

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Have you ever felt like things were moving too fast? Like things weren’t getting your full attention? Like you were overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start?   Three “strategies” I’ve employed this year to help me “manage” the tasks…