Are You Willing to Connect?

If we really believe that the best ideas come from the confluence of many thinkers with different angles on the same set of principles, then we should be willing to come together to talk, debate and share on a regular basis. I have watched/participated in/lurked at/ some fantastic education gatherings in the last two months (Educon, METC, ICE, CoLearning, NTcamp). It is inspiring to listen to and talk with impassioned educators about what they do and what needs to change! BUT, how do we sustain the momentum? Do the live participants go back to their respective school and make things change/better? Do they get frustrated that they cannot maintain the energy and enthusiasm these events create? Can the sharing of ideas and practices that make these events useful and popular happen more often…perhaps on a weekly basis? I think we should build a network of schools that schedule regular sessions to share best practices and talk/debate issues that are relevant. These sessions could be done using Skype, Ustream, Eluminate…etc. Facilitation could be done before the session by collaborating on a wiki or Google doc about issues and best practices that would be shared during the session. We could start this with just two schools willing to come together on a regular basis to share their stories about what works best and what they are striving to change. If this makes any sense to you, inspires an idea for sharing, or you are willing to jump in an join us, sign up on this this Google Doc created by Aviva Dunsiger.

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