What Makes Us Effective?

To be effective we need to continue to work to be:
•Professionals who care about students first, student growth second, and our subject matter with the time we have left.
•Professionals that are willing to take risks, willing to admit we do not have all the answers and never lose the yearning to keep learning.
•Professionals who are willing to look in the mirror when there is a problem as opposed to out the window.

Our school will need to continue to strive to:
•Consider each student individually and help each student find their PASSION.
•Build an educational plan and career plan for each student based on their needs and their PASSION.
•Throw away conventional methodology when it no longer works and do what it takes to affect, engage, and change students to meet individual and societal needs.

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To continue to make our school community more effective we will:
•Reach out to parents to help them keep their student(s) engaged in and ready for school.
•Seek resources and start conversations to affect change in the community that will bring about more support for education.
•Continually seek out best practices, use current research, and always believe that education can get better.

Please share your ideas!……”We get what we will settle for!”

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3 comments for “What Makes Us Effective?

  1. February 2, 2011 at 2:22 am

    We are effective when we use technology to build and extend relationships with our community members.

    We are effective when we do extra-curricular activities even though we are really busy ad tired. It shows you care about the students.

  2. February 3, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    For me it is the passion piece that is the most important, especially for the kids. Every child is passionate about something, and when we help them find it, the transformation can be amazing. This is why moving towards more individualized learnning and moving away from letter grades is so important. The more personalized and achievable the goals are, the more likely we are to start seeing engagement in their learning. When we allow them to express themselved in a variety of media, focus on what they know, limit the barriers that can hinder their ability to express themselves, we are likely to have hit a goldmine of engagement.

    Too often we are limiting the students in their ability to express themselves. It also requires a teacher who is flexible, able to recognize the value in each work, uses formative assessment as a way of teaching and not an occasional catch phrase in an interview, and a dedication to being a lifelong learner. When an educator does this, they find their own passion and this transcends into the classroom. Passion is contagious.

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